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Put some distance between you and the competition! racemode is our premier tuning service. When you buy a racemode tune, you’re getting unparalleled support to finely calibrate all aspects of your vehicle. We work with you to get your car running the way you want it to, and revise the tune to suit all of your modifications, whether simple bolt ons, turbo upgrades, or built motors.

racemode offers you one on one support with our top tuners and a personalized experience. With turn around times of 24-48 business hours (and often weekends too!), there’s no more waiting weeks to get your car ready for an event. Got a faceoff this weekend and need that gapplebees special sauce?


Parts Integration

Racemode brings your beautiful parts list together to make one beautiful machine

Tune Revisions

Revisions always provided within 24-48 hours, so you’re always ready for the next race

Flex-Fuel Tuning

Optional flex-fuel tuning to take advantage of the higher octane and charge cooling of ethanol

Optimal Power

We customize every tune to ensure the most peak power without sacrificing drivability

Street Ready

All of our tunes are optimized for maximum power on the street and the track

Gapplebees Certified

Hand out Gapplebees gift cards with every race.
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