800whp GR Supra Build Guide

800whp Supra Rear End
PTE 6466 in a 800whp Supra Engine Bay
800whp Supra on Racebox Dyno
800whp Supra being tuned on Racebox Dyno



Leaving it as is for now, where it’s happy and reliable.

Super fun street car!





1/4 MILE





Engine Mods

-Spool Performance top mount turbo kit

-Precision 6466 Gen 2

-Custom intake manifold w/ port injection rail

-ID1050X port injectors

-Reflex+ w/ Visconti harness

-Visconti stage 1 low pressure fuel pump

-Valve cover block off oins

-Vibrant vented catch can

-3” open dump


-Pure Drivetrain Solutions stage 1 built trans w/ stock converter

-PPE upgraded trans pan

-Rod Sutphin custom trans tune via XHP


-Torque solutions upgraded flex joints front & rear

-JXB upgraded driveshaft center carrier

-Driveshaft Shop rear axles


-Racebox custom EcuTek calibration

Wheels & Tires

-Precision Forged custom wheels (17x9 fronts & 17x10 rears)

-255/45R17 Nitto NT555 G2 fronts

-305/45R17 Mickey Thompson ET Street R rears

Other Parts / Mods

-HKS adjustable lowering springs

-Carbon front lip

-Carbon fenders

-Carbon rear spoiler

-Bride racing seat

Full GR Supra 800whp Build Guide

Welcome to Racebox, where we turn automotive dreams into reality. If you’re looking to turn up your A90/91 Supra to 800+WHP, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s walk you through the essentials, breaking down why each component is important, even if this is all new territory for you.

Engine and Turbocharger Upgrades

Boost: The Spool Performance Top Mount Turbo Kit and the Precision 6466 Gen 2 Turbo are the perfect combo for achieving 800WHP. We love this cost-effective setup, tested on our very own dyno, demonstrating a great powerband backed up by real-world Dragy tests on the street.

Cooling and Fuel Delivery

Feeding the Beast: To support this newfound power, your Supra needs to eat well. That’s where the RK Autowerks Port Injection Intake Manifold and Injector Dynamics ID1050X Injectors come in. They’re the all-you-can-eat buffet for your engine, giving it all the fuel it needs while keeping intake temps under control. Pair that with the Visconti Stage 1 Low Pressure Fuel Pump, and you’ve got enough fueling to support an even bigger turbo down the road. Everything is controlled by the Motiv Reflex+ for seamless integration with EcuTek.

Drivetrain Enhancements

Strength to Match: With great power comes great responsibility — for your drivetrain. That’s why the Pure Drivetrain Solutions Stage 1 Transmission is a must, built tough to handle the extra torque. The Driveshaft Shop Upgraded Rear Axles and Vargas Turbocharger Technologies Carbon Driveshaft ensure that every ounce of power gets to the wheels smoothly and reliably.

Supporting Modifications

Keeping Cool Under Pressure: An upgraded Valve Cover from Visconti Tuning with their PCV modifications ensures proper PCV functions under high boost, paired with a Vibrant vent to atmosphere catch can for proper ventilation. These mods are not as flashy, but they are essential to prevent your valve cover from cracking and making an oily mess in your engine when pushing all the boost! Lastly, the RK Titanium Chargepipe is not only larger in diameter than the OEM plastic pipes but also looks great when you pop the hood.

Tuning and Calibration

The Racebox Touch: Finally, your Supra needs the expert touch of a Racebox custom calibration. This isn’t just about tweaking numbers; it’s about fine-tuning your Supra’s symphony of new parts to work in perfect harmony, optimizing both performance and reliability. A big misconception about performance tuning is that we just turn up the boost and make more power. In reality, there is much more to it than that. We not only focus on the power aspect but also on the drivability of a car. Our goal isn't just to tune a car that only works when it goes wide open throttle in a straight line, but a car that suits each person's needs and is tailored for every situation. We have spent countless hours refining our tuning technique, based on the multiple shop cars we have had utilizing almost every setup available on the market. You can be confident working with us on your vehicle that we will deliver the complete tuning package!

Final Thoughts

Embarking on the 800+WHP journey might seem daunting, but with Racebox by your side, it’s a thrilling ride to the top. We handpick every component for its quality, performance, and how well it plays with others, ensuring your build is nothing short of spectacular. From the turbocharger to the fuel system, and every piece in between, we guide you through the process, making sure your Supra not only meets but exceeds your dreams. All the parts mentioned will also set you up for more power down the road, with a simple change of the turbocharger and port injectors, the car is future-proofed and will support whatever you throw at it, maxing out the stock engine or in a built engine.

From the owner: This car has not seen an easy life. For the year and a half I've had it, it has always been 700+WHP, and turned up to 805WHP for the last 6 months (as of March 2024). Making over double the power from factory, the stock engine has been nothing but reliable. Other than the drivetrain components that I was forced to upgrade, the experience has been mostly stress-free. This car is also a daily driver, even with the open dump and radials, as long as the weather allows it. I highly recommend this platform for anyone wanting to go fast, one of the BEST horsepower-per-dollar cars out there.

Ready to transform your Supra into a track-dominating, street-sweeping powerhouse? Let’s get started!

800whp Supra with carbon fenders
Precision Turbo 6466 with velocity stack turbo guard in 800whp Supra
Mickey Thompson ET Street R 28" Drag Radial on Supra

by Hussain Boxwala – March 07, 2024