New Nissan Z Build Guide

2023 Nissan Z in front of Racebox
2023 Nissan Z on the dyno after tuning
Nissan Z engine bay with AMS, Z1 and Spool parts
Custom Racebox beadlock drag pack on a new Nissan Z "400Z"



We are currently waiting to install the Z1 Motorsports VRX70 Ball BEaring Turbo kit! Stock turbo setup is getting borning. The goal for this car is a full on VR30 drag car for the track.





1/4 MILE





Engine Mods

-AMS intakes

-AMS intercoolers

-AMS low pressure fuel pump

-AMS flex fuel kit

-Forced Inductions interchiller

-Spool FX-200 high pressure fuel pump

-DMS full 3” downpipes

-Custom 4” single exit exhaust


-Stock 9 speed auto


-OEM Nissan Performance Z LSD

-Z1 upgraded diff cover

-Z1 diff brace

-Z1 solid diff bushings

-Z1 rear subframe collars


-Racebox custom EcuTek calibration

Wheels & Tires

-OSS Forged custom RPF1 style dragy pack (18x8 front and 17x10.5 rear)

-245/45R18 Advan Sport V107 fronts

-305/45R17 Mickey Thompson ET Street R rears

Other Parts / Cosmetics

-Z1 big brake kit

-Z1 front upper control arms

-Z1 rear traction arms

-Z1 front & rear sway bars

-Feal coilovers

-ISR rear camber arms

-Southbay Autoworks carbon rear spoiler

-Southbay Autoworks carbon shifter paddle extensions

-Carbon mirror caps

-Kirkey racing seat


Welcome to Racebox, the premier destination for all things VR30! For enthusiasts looking to elevate their 2023+ Nissan Z's capabilities, Racebox offers an expertly curated build that combines performance, aesthetics, and reliability. Here's an inside look at the components and upgrades that comprise our prefered setup, showcasing the possibilities for anyone ready to take their Nissan Z to the next level.

Engine Modifications

Starting with engine enhancements, the AMS Performance intake and intercooler kit is chosen for its exceptional ability to improve airflow and cooling. The AMS low-pressure fuel pump, along with the Spool FX-200 high-pressure fuel pump and AMS flex fuel kit, provides a robust fueling solution that's essential for harnessing E85's high-performance potential. Adding a Forced Inductions interchiller ensures that intake air temperatures remain low, especially in those long lines at the drag strip staging lanes in the summer. We will probably do a separate blog post about the interchiller system, how it works, and how it improves performance. The exhaust system is upgraded with DMS full 3 inch downpipes and a custom 4” single exit exhaust built by our boys at BFS Performance to reduce backpressure and of course, for that glorious exhaust note.


The stock 9-speed auto transmission is retained, it has held up fine to our launch control on prepped tracks. However, transmission tuning would be hugely beneficial not only for WOT shifts, but daily drivability since the OEM auto shift logic is terrible.


Improvements to the driveline include the OEM Performance Z LSD, complemented by Z1's upgraded diff cover, diff brace, solid diff bushings, and rear subframe collars. These upgrades provide a solid foundation for handling increased power/torque, ensuring durability and reducing flex under load. Before all the above upgrades, we broke the OEM diff cover doing launch control on track at FL2K 23, ending our weekend early. With an upgraded diff cover and all supporting mods in the rear end, we took the car out again on track, and broke the next weak link: the stock Sport trim open diff. If you plan to drag race your Nissan Z, the base model differential just will not hold up to the abuse. We have found this weak point the hard way, traveling across the country and thousands of dollars down the drain, so you the customer won't have to.


A cornerstone of the build is the custom EcuTek calibration by Racebox, designed to harmonize the upgraded components for optimal performance and drivability. It's worth noting that Racebox has tuned more VR30 engines than any other tuner worldwide, a testament to our experience and expertise in extracting maximum performance from these engines. Our journey with modifying and tuning the VR30 started in the early days of the VR30 Infiniti Q50 and Q60s, back when the best option for upping the power was a piggyback tune. We have definitely come a long way!

Wheels & Tires

The chosen wheel and tire setup includes OSS Forged custom RPF1 style drag pack wheels, paired with high-performance Mickey Thompson ET Street R tires in the rear. The Street R is probably our favorite tire for high power applications, both for the track and the street, just don't get caught lacking in the rain with them on your car! 

Other Performance Enhancements

Additional enhancements focus on chassis and cosmetics. The Z1 big brake kit, alongside suspension upgrades such as Feal coilovers and various Z1 components, to fit our needs for a drag car. Cosmetic additions, like the Southbay Autoworks carbon rear spoiler and shifter paddle extensions, are something we thought the car was missing from the factory, so we took liberties by adding them.

A Tailored Approach

While the setup outlined here represents Racebox's drag build for the Nissan Z, it's important to acknowledge the wide array of quality parts available in the market. Enthusiasts may achieve similar results using alternative components that meet their specific needs or preferences. Not everyone builds their cars for drag racing. The flexibility in choosing parts allows for a customized approach to building a high-performance vehicle, with Racebox's proven tuning expertise serving as the backbone for any recommendations you will get from us.

Final Thoughts

Embarking on the journey to enhance a Nissan Z is an exciting prospect, offering the chance to unlock the car's full potential. When Nissan revealed the new RZ34 with the VR30, we knew then this is the car that will take the engine to a whole new level with a lighter chassis and new transmission options. The aftermarket is also more alive than ever, with a major name in the sports car genre sparking new interest in the VR30, the same way the GR Supra jump started the development of B58TU aftermarket parts and tuning. Racebox is dedicated to guiding enthusiasts through this process, leveraging our unparalleled experience in VR30 tuning to ensure each build not only meets but exceeds expectations. Whether following our recommended setup or exploring alternative high-quality parts, Racebox is the definitive partner for achieving automotive excellence.

Nissan Z fully modified for drag racing with a 360 cam
Nissan Z Boulder Grey custom setup on drag radials
Mickey Thompson ET Street R on OSS Custom Beadlock Wheels for drag racing

by Hussain Boxwala – April 30, 2024