G82 BMW M4 Build Guide

2024 BMW M4 Comp Gas Station
2024 BMW M4 With Full Carbon Aero
G82 M4 at the gas station
BMW M4 rear end with FI M Performance exhaust




Keeping it as simple as possible for now, no flex fuel yet! The goal is a street-oriented build. A lot more to come.





1/4 MILE





Engine Mods

- Mastery of Art and Design downpipes

- Frequency Intelligent M-Performance valvetronic exhaust

- Arm Motorsports cross-over pipe

- Mishimoto carbon fiber intakes


-Stock 8-speed auto


- All stock! The OEM components hold up very well even under hard launches.


-Racebox custom MHD+ calibration

- Rod Sutphin custom trans tune

Wheels & Tires

- Stock wheels

- Stock Michelin PS4S tires (275/35R19 fronts, 285/30R20 rears)

Other Parts / Cosmetics

- AWRON CANFlap exhaust valve controller


- Alpha style carbon hood

- Carbon V-style front lip

- Carbon V-style grille

- Carbon mirror caps

- Carbon M-Performance rear diffuser (to fit the FI center exit exhaust!)

- Carbon air ducts


Welcome to Racebox, where we specialize in enhancing the performance and style of your S58 equipped vehicles, like our new 2024 G82 BMW M4 Competition xDrive. Our latest shop car is a prime example of how we can elevate your driving experience with just a few key modifications, combining everyday usability with exhilarating performance. Let me walk you through what we've done so far on the M4, highlighting how these upgrades could translate to your vehicle.


Engine Modifications

Mastery of Art and Design Downpipes  : These are essential for anyone serious about unlocking power. They significantly increase exhaust flow, and if power is the only thing you are after, these are the only mod required!

Mishimoto Carbon Fiber Intakes  : These intakes not only improve airflow but also enhance the visual and auditory experience of your M4. The carbon fiber construction is top-notch, looks fantastic under the hood, and adds a satisfying intake sound that complements the exhaust note.

Frequency Intelligent M-Performance Valvetronic Exhaust  : This exhaust system transforms the vehicle's presence on the road. Its unique center-exit quad-tip design provides a menacing look, while the adjustable valve system—controlled by the AWRON CANFlap exhaust valve controller—allows you to switch from roaring loud to discreetly quiet using the OEM exhaust valve button, giving you full control over how the car behaves.



Stock 8- S peed Auto  : We stick with the stock ZF8 HP76 transmission, but with a twist. It's custom-tuned by Rod Sutphin for quicker, smoother shifts and optimized launch control, enhancing both its performance in spirited drives and its drivability in daily use. These stock trans actually hold a decent amount of torque, compared to the B58 ZF8s (like the HP51 in the Supras) that tap out around 600-650 wheel torque.



Stock Components  : We’ve maintained the original driveline components, including driveshafts and axles, because they're more than capable of handling the power/torque we will make on stock turbos. This keeps the setup straightforward and reliable, even as we push the boundaries of performance. Like the transmission, it’s nice to see BMW put out with some quality drivetrain parts that hold up to abuse. Perhaps down the line, when we upgrade the turbos, we will find out any weak points here.



Racebox Custom Tune with MHD+  : Tuning is where we truly shine. Our custom tune ensures that every element of the engine and transmission works in harmony, maximizing the benefits of the aftermarket mods while maintaining the drivability and smoothness you expect from a daily driver. The newly released MHD+ will have all the capabilities we need to seamlessly integrate the Motiv Reflex+ controller, as we have used in many B58 cars, to control external wastegates, port injection, implement safeties, and much more. All new BMW DMEs are required to be unlocked with FEMTO overseas, it is a slight hassle to send them out, but all worth it in the end.


Wheels & Tires

Stock  : We’ve opted to keep the original wheels and Michelin PS4S tires (for now), airing the rear tires down for better traction. We're expecting way better 60ft times with stickier tires later on when we need more traction.


Other Enhancements

Cvrbonized Aero Kit  : We’ve added a full carbon aero kit for a touch of style and slight weight reduction. While the weight savings is nice, we mainly got the carbon pieces for the aesthetics.


A Tailored Approach

This M4 build represents Racebox’s vision of a high-performance vehicle that is accessible and enjoyable for everyday enthusiasts, not just seasoned racers. It’s a testament to our belief in the power of simplicity and the effectiveness of targeted enhancements.


Final Thoughts

The S58 hype is real. As most of y’all know, Racebox started as a Nissan/Infiniti tuning company specializing in the VR30 and VQ37 engines. We later got into the B58 game, which opened up possibilities for us to work with many big names in the BMW aftermarket world. Seeing so many out there having great success with the S58, both on the track and on the street, we quickly realized this platform is the new “meta”. It all took off last year when one of our team members, Moeed, traded in his G20 M340i for a new G80 M3 Comp xDrive. Tuning that car on Bootmod3, seeing how easy it is to make power on just a few mods, we knew it was time for us to get one as well, and the rest is history. 

Our initial testing on the car with 93 pump gas put out 611 wheel horsepower and effortlessly launches the car to the quarter mile in 10.1 seconds, with effectively just "downpipes and an email", as the TikTok crowd likes to say. 

Our approach at Racebox is guided by our extensive expertise and a commitment to quality, ensuring that every modification not only performs flawlessly but also integrates seamlessly into your lifestyle. Whether you choose to follow our recommended path or opt for a customized approach, we’re here to support you every step of the way with industry-leading customer service. Let’s make your BMW M car something truly special.


Carbon hood and front lip on the G82 BMW M4
Frequency Intelligent (FI) M Performance style exhaust with carbon fiber center exit rear diffuser
G82 BMW M4 on the dyno

by Alex Ye – May 02, 2024