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We've got answers to your most frequently asked questions in our tuning FAQs. For anything else, you can always call us!

Do you tune JB4?

We do not offer any specialty calibration services for the JB4 platform.

Does the tune void my warranty?

The short answer is, it dependsThe warranty coverage will range widely from dealer to dealer. The dealership will have to prove your modifications have caused the issue you are bringing it in for. The discretion will vary widely from dealer to dealer. 

From our experience, most dealerships will care more about hardware than a tune. We also provide a stock file to flash before you go into the dealership for work. Our suggestion is also to speak with your local service advisor and see what they have to say.

I am not local to the Houston area. Do I have to visit a dyno shop to get tuned?

No worries! We have customers all over the globe! Many of which are not near a performance-related shop. All you need is a smartphone and an e-mail account. We have thousands of customers who have never visited a shop or dyno, and are enjoying our performance calibrations. 

If I get stuck, what is the best way to get ahold of you?

If you have an urgent question, please call us at 832-786-9038 (M-F, 9-6 PM CST). Any tuning-specific questions are best relayed via e-mail with an associated data log and any potential DTC codes. You can reply back to your tuner on the most recent e-mail thread. 

What is the difference between OTS and Custom?

OTS (OFF-THE-SHELF) is geared towards users who want to quickly flash their vehicle and enjoy the benefits of their newly found power. You will see substantial gains on even stock vehicles. This option comes with 2 maps for daily and race use, a basic launch control, and has no implied revisions or customization. Just one flash and you're done! If you are running any ethanol blends, race gas, methanol, or aftermarket turbochargers, this option will not be available to you. 

Custom is geared towards users who want to maximize their car’s potential and are willing to go through several revisions. You typically make 30 + WHP/45 + WTQ over an OTS map. Also, this will include map switching (low boost, high boost, etc.) and launch control. This is by far our most popular option with our customer base.

For custom tuning, E30 can be had with just a flex fuel kit, E85 tuning entails anything E50+ which requires an HPFP and LPFP along with a flex fuel kit.

What modifications do I need to tune the car?

The simple answer is none! We have plenty of customers who are enjoying our Racemode calibration bone stock. With our OTS or Custom mapping, we can significantly boost the power of your VR30-powered vehicle even in stock form.

What modifications do you suggest for someone new to the platform?

If you are just getting started, we would suggest ensuring the car is up to date on all common maintenance items (fluids, filters, spark plugs, drive belts, etc.). After that is addressed, we suggest adding an upgraded heat exchanger, free-flowing exhaust system, and larger intake system. If you need assistance with part selection, please give us a call or send us an e-mail. (832-786-9038 or sales@goracebox.com)

General Tuning FAQ

How does remote tuning work?

Remote tuning is our most convenient way to get tuned with us for those not local to the Houston area or any of our dealers. Simply put, all you need is a smartphone and an ECUTEK Bluetooth module. 

Purchasing: On our homepage, select the Racemode drop-down menu and your platform (Infiniti, BMW, etc.) to select all the options that apply to your specific situation. An ECUTEK Bluetooth module is required for all remote street tuning. If you have any questions navigating the options on our website, please feel free to give us a call at 832-786-9038. 

Preparation: We recommend having all maintenance items up to date prior to performing any data logs. Those items can include oil changes, tires, brakes, other fluids, etc. You will also want to install all of the modifications that you have communicated to us before you flash your car with the first base file made by us. That is especially important for aftermarket parts such as larger 3'' intakes, HPFPs, etc. 

Process: When we send out our first calibration base file, you will receive detailed instructions on how to flash the file and data logging instructions. OTS customers will not receive data logging instructions as they are not required for that tune type. Ideally, you will want to have your battery in excellent shape before flashing and have a battery tender hooked up to the battery during the flashing process. After our data logging process is complete, our tuners will notify you the tuning process is done and ask about adding additional maps. 

How long does the remote tuning process take?

The average remote tuning process can take anywhere from 6-to 10 business days from the moment you receive your ECUTEK kit in the mail. The overall time will depend greatly on your response time and our overall customer volume at any given moment. We strive to stick to our 1-2 business day timeframe for the years we have been tuning. Please consider that weekends and holidays are outside of our quoted times. We work through our mailbox on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

If you have not heard back from us for over three days, please get in touch with us at 832-786-9038. 

What are your response times?

We strive to provide a 24-48 hour response window during business days. Often times, if you are working with our tuners on a remote custom tune, you'll be receiving a revision a day unless we are exceptionally busy in which case you'll be closer to 48 hours.

But you'll NEVER be waiting weeks for a reply or a revision from us. We also offer lifelong data-log reviews and are available for general sales or customer service support by phone, email, or text.

What do I need for remote tuning?

For many BMW platforms, you will need a Windows OS-based laptop for the first flash for customers on EcuTek. In most cases, we have the ability to use phone flash afterward and can exchange your Deskey for a phone flash license after the initial flash. 

For Nissan/Infiniti, all you need is a EcuTek Bluetooth module and a modern smartphone. 

What's the difference between remote street tuning and dyno tuning?

Our remote street tuning process is about what most of our customers choose to go with. This option's most significant benefit is that you do not need to visit a shop or any additional hardware outside of an EcuTek Bluetooth module and your smartphone! This approach will require you to find an appropriate road course to perform wide-open throttle pulls in various gears that are recorded using the EcuTek mobile app. We will send step-by-step instructions along with a YouTube video you can follow along with. 

Dyno tuning involves placing the vehicle on a dynamometer, essentially a set of rollers that simulate road conditions while the vehicle's engine is running. We then make various adjustments to the tune based on real-time data feedback from the data log. This is geared towards customers who want to complete the tuning process as soon as possible and also want to see what power numbers their car puts down. Another benefit is that we, or the dyno operator, can hear potential problems that may arise when performing dyno pulls. We will still likely ask you to perform a data log on the street as loads can change from the dyno to the street. 

The cost tends to be higher as you need to rent a dyno at your local performance shop or our dyno at our Houston, TX, location. 




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