OTS Vs. Custom

OTS Vs. Custom

A common question we get is, why should I pay for custom tuning instead of downloading an OTS map? That's a great question, and I will explain both below. 

Companies such as MHD and BM3 have created OTS maps geared toward users installing common modifications (free flowing exhaust, HPFP, etc.) who want quick and easy power upgrades. For many platforms, they can be a substantial upgrade over the stock mapping and precisely what you are looking for. Most will be happy with this choice for a simple configuration who simply just wants to add power(stock turbo and fuel system). We offer flashing OTS maps for BM3 and MHD at our local Houston location. Some factory safeties may be altered depending on the software and platform. If you are interested, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. 

Custom tuning (ECUTEK, BM3, MHD) is geared towards the consumer looking to get the most out of their simple setup or have extensive modifications done to their car, such as upgraded turbocharger, port injection, methanol injection, etc. Also, if you are in a hotter climate or high elevation or want to change the way your car delivers power, this is where custom comes as an advantage. Our custom tuning will allow for stricter safties for IAT's, headroom for engine timing where your fuel quality may differ week to week, and wastegate adjustments for higher elevations. Our approach to custom tuning by default is to adjust OE tuning strategies and limitations for boost, loads, and torque. The performance gains may be minimal over OTS but with more of a focus of control, reliability, and safety.

A custom tune is required for anything that requires significant changes (turbo, port injection, etc.). 

by Moeed Qureshi – March 14, 2024