What is the difference between OTS and Custom?

OTS (OFF-THE-SHELF) is geared towards users who want to quickly flash their vehicle and enjoy the benefits of their newly found power. You will see substantial gains on even stock vehicles. This option comes with 2 maps for daily and race use, a basic launch control, and has no implied revisions or customization. Just one flash and you're done! If you are running any ethanol blends, race gas, methanol, or aftermarket turbochargers, this option will not be available to you. 

Custom is geared towards users who want to maximize their car’s potential and are willing to go through several revisions. You typically make 30 + WHP/45 + WTQ over an OTS map. Also, this will include map switching (low boost, high boost, etc.) and launch control. This is by far our most popular option with our customer base.

For custom tuning, E30 can be had with just a flex fuel kit, E85 tuning entails anything E50+ which requires an HPFP and LPFP along with a flex fuel kit.

by Hussain Boxwala – March 05, 2024