Dyno Day


This page is specifically for reserving your place for dyno days.

By purchasing a tune here you lock in your spot for the March 1-2 Dyno Days (Monday-Tuesday)!


IMPORTANT: THIS IS NOT THE ENTIRE COST. In addition to this cost there will be a $350 Dyno Tune Cost due in person when we dyno tune your car. If your car suffers any mechanical issues on the dyno due to poor installation or maintenance you will not be refunded the dyno cost and we can continue with a remote tune once the issues are fixed.


We will determine your specific dyno spot day and time prior to the dyno day. Please add in the comments if only one of the days is an option.


Address is 1345 N Fitzgerald Ave, Rialto, CA 92376


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    Add-Ons ONLY apply to VR30DDTT and B58TU

    • Please purchase the additional fuel tuning package add-on if you intend on running more than one pump gas fuel octane, such as 93 and 91. 

    • Please purchase the ethanol tuning package add-on if you intend on running ethanol. 

    • Please purchase the race fuel tuning package add-on if you intend on running any fuel over 100 octane. 

    • If you have upgraded turbos, please purchase the upgraded turbo tuning package add-on. Note: There is a stage 1 and stage 2 add on.

    • If you have upgraded injectors, please purchase the upgraded injectors tuning package add-on.

    • If you have a water / methanol / alcohol injection kit (WMI kit), please purchase the WMI kit tuning package add-on. 

    • 100 $
    • 150 $
    • 150 $
    • 150 $
    • 300 $
    • 300 $
    • 150 $

Dyno Day

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Please message us on Instagram or Facebook at goracebox with any questions. 

Dyno Tunes will come with up to four maps. We will work with you prior to the dyno day to ensure your car is ready and to help create a problem free day. 

Engine Model

VR30DDTT, VQ37VHR, B58TU, Other


Yes, my car is currently tuned on EcuTek (does not include JB4 or UpRev), No, my car is not tuned


I have the EcuTek Programming Kit (Bluetooth and DESKey), I don't have the EcuTek Programming Kit


I have the Flash License loaded on the DESKey, I don't have the Flash License loaded on the DESKey

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